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Bringing quality, stress-free pet care to YOUR home for cats, dogs and exotics

Dr. Jack Vet Services

Dr. Jack serves Marina del Rey, CA and surrounding areas


Dr. Jack comes to YOU on YOUR schedule, in YOUR home.

Premium Care for your Furry, Scaly and Feathered Pets!


Dr. Jack Vet Services offers a concierge house call practice committed to providing quality veterinary medicine in the Los Angeles area. Dr. Jack will come to your home, perform a thorough examination, and devise a treatment plan for your pet. Most laboratory tests and basic diagnostics can be done in your home. When more extensive testing is needed, such as x-rays and ultrasounds, Dr. Jack can refer you, or even transport your pet to a specialty hospital in the area and work closely with them to keep your pet healthy.

Some procedures can be performed in your home, like small lacerations, wound care, and small mass removals. More extensive procedures can be performed at local hospitals, with state of the art surgical and anesthetic monitoring equipment. We can even transport your animal to and from the facility.

Dr. Jack is also one of the few exotics veterinarians in Southern California, providing care for you furry, feathered and scaly exotic pets. When needed, Dr. Jack will bring a qualified assistant to help perform various diagnostics and treatments.

Healthy pets start with you, their owners. Dr. Jack wants to help you provide the best care for your family members. No more wasted time in traffic or waiting rooms. No more struggling to get your pet in the carrier and stressing them out with a car ride and loud waiting rooms.

Schedule an appointment today and see what a vet appointment should be like.