“Just the absolute most wonderful veterinary experience. So much time, thought and care went into this visit to help me decide on surgery and I feel very confident about my surgery. Also very appreciative of all the work done to take all the samples :)”

Dr. Jack has been a life saver. My German Shepherd mix is terrified of going to the vet and it’s always been very stressful. When we found Dr. Jack our lives changed!

She is an attentive, knowledgeable and personable doctor who my dog absolutely loves. She always addresses any of my concerns or questions promptly whether via email or phone calls and has a vast and wonderful network of specialists who she will refer you to, as well. She explains things in a way that I completely understand and includes me in decision making by talking things through and working within my budget. Her prices are very reasonable for her outstanding services.

I feel more like we have found a friend who happens to be an amazing veterinarian.
Thank you Dr. Jack! -Amy M.

When it comes to family, I would do anything for them…and that includes my furry rescue buddy!

Few weeks ago, my buddy became completely different over the course of one night – wasn’t alert of his surroundings, wouldn’t eat, was hiding, and would cry when touched. I couldn’t even get near him much less into his carrier to take to a hospital. Anxiety!

Mobile vets are a LIFESAVER for such situations. Dr. Michelle Jack was the ONLY one I reached out to that called me back AND was available within few hours of my request. (Note: mobile vets don’t necessarily function as emergency vets…not all are available same-day. Lesson learned).

* YES = Great bedside manners in making my pet feel comfortable
* YES = Has all equipment ready for bloodwork, urine sample, sedation & medication needles
* YES = Has 15+ years of veterinary hospital experience
* YES = Provides upfront quote for home-visit fee + any service you may require (just ask)
* YES = Provides invoice soft copy at your home with clear breakdown
* YES = Accepts personal checks & credit cards

* IFF = She’s also an expert in treatment of exotic pets

Thank goodness for her, my buddy’s problem was diagnosed and he mended quickly. I highly recommend her services! -Sandee T.

Dr. Jack is simply the best vet out there. I have never had another vet who cares so much about the animals he or she is working with. (And I’ve been to a lot of vets.)
I have been seeing Dr. Jack for 7 years, and when I heard she was leaving the VCA last year I was very sad… UNTIL I heard she was doing home visits. Now, having her come to my house and do everything here is even better. It is incredibly convenient, as well as being comfortable and less stressful for my dog. Can not recommend her or her services enough! -Sam F.

Dr. Jack has been treating our 3 dogs for years. She is extremely knowledgeable, compassionate and now she does home visits which is perfect since my dogs hate traveling in the car. My dogs are my babies and I would not trust my babies with anyone but Dr. Jack.

Her quality of care is exceptional and she is always available to return phone calls and give advise. If you want a vet that is the best, then call Dr. Jack. Highly recommended!! -Giovanna S.

Dr. Jack is the best of the best. She has your pet and your needs first. She cares deeply for her clients both human and animal. She is not only friendly and loving, but professional and dedicated. The care she gives is above and beyond the call of duty. She’s also efficient and precise. I recently called Dr. Jack because my dog was not feeling well. She was at my home very quickly and talked me through each step. It’s vet care at its best. -Lauren W.

Just wanted to update my review to say how grateful we are to have met Dr. Jack. She helped us through the very difficult deaths of our two babies and checked out our new one and answers my questions patiently.

She handles the tough stuff with directness, compassion, kindness and dignity. And is a practical voice when you need it most. Her care extends from your cats to you and we couldn’t be happier with her care of our fur babies.

And, it’s SO much easier on your cat to be examined in the home. I can’t recommend Dr. Jack enough. -Kristin C.

I was referred to Dr. Jack through a work friend after my cat had a watery eye over the weekend…such a relief to have such a caring, authentic and knowledgeable vet come to our house to give us piece of mind! Luckily my little guy was okay and he didn’t even have to leave his home! Thank you Dr. Jack! -Lauren B.