animal-1134504_640Dr. Jack Vet Services is proud to run cytology exams. Cytology is the study of cells under a microscope.

Dr. Jack runs cytology tests on many things. She do ear cytologies to figure out if your pets have bacterial or yeast infections. Dr. Jack looks at diarrhea under the microscope to see if there is anything abnormal. She also runs blood cytologies to look for any cell changes.

However, most cytology exams are done on lumps. Typically Dr. Jack uses a needle to get a sample of the cells, which she then places, on the microscope. This can be quite informative, telling her what types of cells (normal cells, fat cells, or cancerous cells) are there. This can be quite diagnostic.

Dr. Jack also runs cytology tests on fluids if your pets have fluid in the abdomen or chest. She also routinely checks cytologies of your pets’ lymph nodes if they are enlarged, which can be a sign of cancer. If Dr. Jack is unable to get enough information from the cytology, she may decide to send it out to the laboratory for more information. If she still doesn’t get enough, she may have to send out a biopsy of the tissue.

If you have any questions about cytology or would like to have your pets’ lumps checked, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Jack today at 323-591-4838.